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Hey I'm Laura St John, Celebrity Mindset Coach in Malibu. I'm so pumped you're here to join my 6 week access pass! In my self-paced courses, I will help you get unstuck, see past your current struggles, and manifest your goals faster.

For over 20 years, I've been teaching everyone from kids to adults, to athletes and celebrities, how to flip any area of their lives to get positive new results.

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As Seen on Access Hollywood

Check out my clip on how to manifest what you want more of in 2022! I was recently featured on NBC's national talk show, Access Hollywood. Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover interviewed me about steps to get started, what if you're feeling stuck, and what if you're skeptical about being able to make change?

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As Seen on NETFLIX

I manifested my way on to top Netflix show to teach how to have a positive mindset amidst struggle.

With all the drama that goes on in real life and on reality TV, it's important to learn how to take your power back! Check out my scene in Season 4 of the Emmy-nominated show, Selling Sunset. I work with top celebrities Christine Quinn and Vanessa Villela on how to stop recreating the pain of the past.

My #1 Mental Health Tool as a Psychologist

"As a board-certified clinical psychologist, I have access to every possible mental health resource. Laura's mindset classes are EXACTLY where I turn personally in times of my own stress. The past years have been rough with death, losses, injuries, surgeries and moving. Strong Confident Living is where I found strength, motivation and a profound sense of community. What makes this stand apart is how it gives people HOPE through simple physical and mental actions, one degree at a time."

--Dr. Patricia Alexander

Board Certified Clinical Psychologist

It's Like a Winning Lottery Ticket

"The easiest way I describe working with Laura is that it's like being handed a winning lottery ticket! Whatever I want to create she is able to help me get there. I've attracted the love of my life, I've landed a main role in the cast of an Emmy-nominated Netflix show, and I'm living happier every single day thanks to the tools and practices she's taught me. I used to set the bar but move it when I was feeling weak. Now I set the bar and hold the bar until it comes true."

--Vanessa Villela

Actress & Model

Created Bigger than Olympic Dreams

Working with my Aunt Laura has given me the mindset I needed to create "bigger than Olympic" dreams. She taught me how to turn down self doubt and follow my heart. I carved a social media path that has led me to become the #1 NCAA followed athlete. The day I saw myself on a billboard in Time Square made me realize that with a positive mindset, I can attain anything! Laura helped me stay true to the core values of who I am and how I want to inspire others.

--Olivia "Livvy" Dunne

-Athlete & Social Media Influencer

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As a mindset coach, Laura St. John draws you in with her relatable girl-next-door appeal and radiates a positive energy that makes you feel welcome. Her deepest mindset lessons come wrapped up inside the everyday tips you need to get happy and stay on track. She is most widely known for teaching people how to flip their struggles, and use them as fuel towards their goals. As a child, Laura’s parents taught her the importance of seeing life without labels or limits. Sought out by celebrities, athletes, and top CEO's, Laura's true passion lies in bringing her mindset lessons to the masses so that everyone can manifest their happiest life.

As seen in Selling Sunset Season 4 on NETFLIX, NBC Access Hollywood, TLC Family, Huffington Post, Women’s Health, FOX and ABC News, Laura St John's genius shines brightest when she helps you sharpen your imagination and step into the next version of your life.