Crush Epic Goals: Mindset Mini Course

How to Set and Achieve a Big Goal

Whatever You’re Thinking, THINK BIGGER.

Everyone wants to plan for a better year ahead. How do you set really big goals without self sabotaging yourself? How can you make the next 12 months your best year ever? How can you think bigger and actually achieve it? Enter our EPIC GOALS course!

This course will help you get crystal clear on how to set a bigger goal, and actually take the consistent action to follow through and achieve it. It will also help you react differently on days you’re feeling doubt so you don’t quit on yourself, or stop and start over and over.

By the end of the mini-course, you will how to:

  • Give Your Brain a Clear Target (So it doesn’t regurgitate the past)
  • Stop Self Sabotaging Your Own Goals
  • Become More Consistent in Taking Action
  • Stop Using Your Imagination to Worry
  • Follow a plan and NOT FAIL!

This class is not open for enrollment.