Summer Slimdown: Full Body Conditioning [Advanced]

Crush Your Fitness Goals in 6 Weeks

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The secret is out! What if you could get in the best shape of your life - and feel like a total rockstar - with Malibu's favorite fitness power couple? Now you can. Get toned, sexy abs and a rock solid core to look and feel your best!

Never get bored. Never plateau. You'll love the fresh workouts each week, filled with beautiful seaside scenery and lots of laughter. Nothing stays stagnant when you are with Laura and Scott, so there's no canned studios or staged fitness models. These two keep it raw, real, fast-paced and edgy. You will finish each week feeling refreshed, uplifted and wanting more. After 6 weeks, your body will be summer ready -- any time of year!

This is an advanced series. Take it at your own pace, and take breaks as you need to -- it means your'e working hard!!!


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What are you waiting for? If you're looking to experience a dramatic shift in your life, Laura and Scott have got you covered. You and your loved ones deserve the best version of you. It's time. There is no better time to draw the line in the sand and experience the change in yourself -- and your body. Time to pat yourself on the back, make the decision and let's GO! You're in!

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