2. The Key to Manifesting is Mastering How to Flip It

So, you’re ready to start manifesting. You definitely don’t want this situation you are living with anymore. You feel very clear (at least about that!). Chances are life has given you a bunch of things you DON’T want. That is usually how life teaches us things. It gives us challenges and struggles and things we get angry about or even things we HATE. If you are feeling D-O-N-E with something life has dished out, let me tell you that first, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Most people tolerate the stuff they don’t like in life until it accumulates into a snowball of things you don’t like, and then you just can’t take it anymore. But, the feelings of everything you don’t want is an ENERGY. And if you are living in that energy, you are going to create MORE of the stuff you don’t want rather than the stuff you do want. It is probably one of the biggest mistakes in manifesting that I see. People get so frustrated in life by the thing that is bothering them the most that they go into action to try to change that one thing from the most negative feelings. That is why I came up with one of my favorite tools of all time to teach people. My “Flip it” list. This is where we come up with what we want by getting really clear on the things we don’t want. 

It all starts by folding a piece of paper in half and following the instructions in this lesson. This tool is really going to help you get clear and move out of the negative and into the positive. There is no more important step in manifesting than to move in action from a positive mindset.

Keys to Making a Great Flip It List:

1) Get as clear and detailed about what you don't want as you can be.

2) When you flip it make sure it is in the present tense. We aren’t making a WISH list.

3) Make sure you REALLY flip it. One common mistake is to take the negative and TRY to flip it but then keep it in the negative.

4) Sometimes the flip isn’t as specific. So your “negative” might be specific to a person or a situation, but the flip can be more broad or vague.

Print the flip it list or fold a piece of paper in half and work on it today!


Need help flipping a negative to a positive? Post a comment below.

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