Down and Dirty: Blast Belly Fat [Beginner]

21 Day Core and Cardio Focused Workouts

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Ready to become an official worker outer? As you probably know, our signature workouts from Laura and Scott can be really challenging, especially if you are just starting out or need modifications. This beginner series to our Down n Dirty 21 Day reset is perfect for anyone who needs workout modifications, is a total beginner worker outer, or who doesn't want to take the day off but needs a lighter version of our intentionally intense workouts.

What can you expect? The same fun banter, the awesome backdrops of Malibu, and a lighter more simplified version of movement patterns so you can re-introduce yourself back into a fitness routine, build your base of strength, and move quickly into our more intermediate and advanced series. This is a perfect stepping stone for any beginner.

Stop. Drop. And workout. No more excuses. This one is it! Let's go!

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