Down and Dirty: Blast Belly Fat [Advanced]

21 Day Core and Cardio Focused Workouts

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Get down. Get dirty. Tone up! It's time to push through that next level in your fitness goals with Laura and Scott's "Down and Dirty" fitness series. These workouts give you a solid 21-day burst of cardio and core in high intensity training style that can be adjusted to meet all levels. Whether you are new to Laura and Scott or have been following us for years, you will enjoy laughing, sweating, and getting a day-by-day plan to keep you consistent toward results.

These workouts are meant to be gritty and tough -- so you can infuse and reflect that in your life. Enough talking, more action. Time to stop, drop and workout!

A little "taste" of what's inside.

Get down. Get dirty. Tone up!

Less talk, more action. Let's go! See you inside.

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