Meet Your Coaches

With over 25+ years coaching together, Laura and Scott know exactly what you need to get the body and life you want. Laughter and sweat included!

Strong Confident Living Fitness Classes

I Can. I Will.

Scott knows when to push you to do one more rep and when to remind you that breaking isn't quitting. With an unwavering belief that you can do anything, Scott becomes more than just your favorite fitness coach - he becomes the voice of motivation you start to hear in your head whenever you think you can't do something. His words of encouragement become your self-talk - and you start to believe you can.

Strong Confident Living Mindset Classes

Stop Hating. Start Creating.

Everyone can relate to a downspiral - that feeling you get when everything seems to get worse and worse. Laura's secret to mindset is helping you flip your struggles into strength to stop self sabotage and feel good about crushing your goals. The result is a life full of trust and clarity that leads you on the upspiral - where things get better and better.

Fitness + Mindset

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